Antonella Cangiano: more than a group of developers we are a coach with her team

Second appointment with the We are Fides section: Antonella Cangiano, Delivery Manager in Fides, tells her story.

Tell us how you became the queen bee of delivery

I joined Fides with the mission of transferring the know-how acquired around Italy in thirty years of career. Covering the role of delivery manager implies being a reference for juniors, since my arrival in the company I have worked on the team I had available, making it grow without distorting it, reasoning about objectives to be achieved in the medium and long term. I managed to impress them by adding together the expertise of all you can get important results as a group and not only with respect to individual projects.

How do you keep your team motivated?

From the first day I asked my team to be enterprising, to dare.

I promised the delivery people that they would grow quickly thanks to the support of my experience. This was also possible because I found people who have a passion for this job, an expectation for growth and a hunger for knowledge.

In reality, rather than a group of developers, we are a coach with his team competing in the championship: each of us in the instant in which there is a difficulty knows exactly what role we must take sides in.

What aspects of your character that turn into strengths?

I am a concrete and extremely rational person. I distinguish the personal sphere from the professional one very much. I often say to my team that initially we did not choose each other, but today I would choose them one by one.

Another aspect is the passion that I send: we must lead by example rolling up your sleeves before asking others for efforts.

Most of all, it helps me to do this job better is modesty, in the way my experience weighs exactly like that of others. 

In spite of all the words (and I’m worn out!) I am a person who lets the facts speak and this is what I expect the delivery to do. I want to manage and make grow it for a long time. 

Here in Fides, the delivery is identified with the “Make Avenue” clan. I think there could be no better term than Make to define the delivery that I carry on.

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