BeeLife will be born in a few months, an idea that comes straight from the Digital team, almost instinctively. Who but the bees are the protagonists of the regeneration of our planet?
Through entertainment games and challenges we have tried to convey to the public the importance and commitment of these little creatures who, like us, with every single action can help to make the system work.

The concept is modeled around two pillars: augmented reality and persistent multiplayer.
But what do they mean? Multiplayer says the same word, the players face the challenges of Beelife, without ever meeting, not being real-time multiplayer. On the other hand, persistent because every time a user participates in the experience it will create part of an ecosystem (in our case the hive) visible and perceptible by all other users.

– Each user will drag their hexagonal cell into the hive, which will fit perfectly between the other cells created by other users thus forming a perfect mix between interactivity and team work – Paolo Di Capua, Innovation Architect in Fides.

BeeLife is made up of five different workstations that differ in activity.
The basic entertainment is certainly augmented reality that indicates the player the various steps to reach the realization of the hive. One of the most dynamic phases is definitely the gaming sector, a sort of arcade puzzle in which the bee lying on the cubic floating system will overcome traps or enemies characters.

But let’s get to the juicy notes, for modeling we worked on systems such as Cinema 4D and Silo 3D while the software was made entirely with Unity technology and the recognition of the so-called markers. The software recognizes precisely the marker that reproduces an augmented reality, each time it shapes different three-dimensional elements with a different interaction between them.

Let’s take the example of hexagonal cells. By framing the marker, the user generates a cell that is transported from one location to another without the need to frame the marker anymore. The cell arrived at the next location is launched into the hive which, through an algorithm, will never position itself in the same area but alongside or in the middle of other modules. The created cells persist at that location for the duration of the exhibition so that the public could see the hive built by all other users. It was also possible to develop something that real-time could give the idea of what the others were doing at that very moment: that while a user places his hexagon hive and the other user instead framing the hexagon sees the first user’s hex move on his smartphone.

The final scenario we are presented with is a surreal ecosystem, made up of cells that turn into flowers with very bright shades: you immediately feel the vehemence of nature that cannot be destroyed or managed.

The Job In Campus format allows every year to actually meet companies, effectively shortening the distance between the world of work and the world of training.
Indeed, the day of 23 October from 9:00 to 17:00 will be entirely dedicated to the activities of direct meeting between students and company managers who will explain to the participants the opportunities for entry, the selection procedures and information on professional profiles.The stands are located in the foyer of the University Theater “F. Alison “and the Aula Magna” V. Buonocore “(Building A2 of the Fisciano’s Campus)

Under the eyes of Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man 28 Italian start-ups from the IT, IoT, Biotech, Fashion Tech, New energies and smart cities sectors present their technologies at the seventh edition of the Start-Up Village, the international innovation festival organized in Skolkovo, Moscow.
Italy is the official partner of the event for the second consecutive year, and the only European country to have its own pavilion.

Fides Consulting receives another important recognition for the training activity with Time Vision s.c.a.r.l

Connext is the national meeting of the Confindustria industrial partnership organized to strengthen the ecosystem of the business into a horizontal integration and vertical size, contamination with the world of startups and growth of productive chains.

SMAU is the reference event for the Italian innovation ecosystem that holds together the players of the digital sector and the most promising startups, opening opportunities for meetings and handshakes with companies belonging to the various industrial sectors throughout the national territory

During the annual Excellence in Capri event, Fides is rewarded for its commitment on its territory.

Technology Hub is the B2B event designed to promote and raise awareness of emerging technologies, contributing to their distribution to companies and application areas: manufacturing dall’additive to augmented reality and virtual, through the electronics and the internet of things, innovative materials, collaborative and service robotics, the economy app and drones. In the three days of the event exhibitors can establish new business relationships, check the interest in innovative products and services, develop alternative distribution channels and sales, consolidating the company’s image.