Fides, beyond the usual digital company

It’s hard to describe us, we can say that we are a smart, creative, experimental, professional and many other fantastic adjectives but the reality is that we prefer to call ourselves human-centered. Yes, human-centric.

No coincidence that our motto is We are a human-centric Digital Company.

Before being collaborators, before a close team we are a family with one goal: to become a reference company in information technology ensuring experience, reliability and expertise. 

In our work we always keep our humanity and seriousness having fun in testing and competing with new technologies. Over the years an innovative business culture has been consolidated focused on the value of its staff capable, thanks to daily research and verification of new methodologies, to face the challenges of the market such as digital transformation.

Above all customers require us for our professionalism in the creation of custom technological infrastructures suitable for every need, in the realization of simple and intuitive in-house projects, fast and targeted consultancy.

Fides brings together multiple avenues: Think, Find, Make and Keep. This division allows us to create a sense of belonging to something more specific, more tangible.

Think avenue: the most experimental and innovative department of the company thanks to which Fides shows its creativity and passion for innovation technologies, creating new project ideas for the Digital Transformation world.

Find avenue: this avenue count the bests IT professionals in its ranks. Thanks to years of experience in the research of qualified technical profiles, in order to satisfy every type of customer.

Make avenue: this is the driving force of Fides, millions of lines of code written with passion, will and lot of fun has become the soul-projects for clients like Accenture, Engineering an Reply.

Keep avenue: the center that collects all the requests of this ecosystem called Fides. Basically lost without it.

We are Fides!