FIDES: Management Control as evolution

management control in fides reality

“Measure what is measurable and make what is not measurable.” (Galileo Galilei)

A quote from Galileo like this makes the idea of what we mean when we talk about “measuring” immediate: discovering the truth.
What does it mean to measure within a company?
“Analyze”, “number”, “check”: technical terms but which have as common meaning the goal of taking a photograph of reality. Seeing and understanding what happens before, during and after the production cycle is possible thanks to the Management Control.

What is management control?

Today in a company, intuition, experience and a sense of responsibility are necessary but no longer sufficient requirements.
To govern internal complexity and external uncertainty, it is necessary to constantly know the actual state of performance through a management control system that has been appropriately lowered in the individual company.
Management control is an operating method aimed at guiding the company towards the achievement of the objectives set in the planning stage, proposing reports and data with which the company trend is analyzed.
Bringing to light any critical areas as well as reasons of pride for a company is what it feeds on to evolve on the market and be more and more competitive.
All this is based on the coordination of the various sectors of the company, with the aim of governing the efficiency and operational effectiveness of the processes and keeping the profitability of products and sales under control.
Management control in Fides is essential as an engine of actions and continuous growth.

Pasquale is the representative of this important reality within the Fides family. He also deals with purchases, transfers and logistics, being also Data protection officer (privacy) and responsible for security for Fides.
Due to its nature can be sectored everything it covers, making a management control first of all on himself and on their working figure.

Management control: how does it work in Fides?

Pasquale: “Management control is interesting in a company such as Fides which is divided between different business units: from offering consultancy services, to the realization of projects within its delivery centers to the activities carried out in the innovation lab.
The management control that is carried out in the company is applied to the various operating offices trying to optimize all business units by implementing collaboration between departments to make both processes and margins efficient.
As a company controller I try to have as much information as possible on all aspects and activities, I thank colleagues from all departments who are always available and collaborative. Without teamwork, no single person can be a winner

How management control is done: some practical examples

Pasquale: “It may happen that analyzing the data of some activities it is necessary to take corrective measures. This may mean in some cases investing in the training of staff resources to allocate them to different activities, creating new growth opportunities also for the resources themselves.
Another aspect that I follow is the creation of internal processes aimed at simplifying and optimizing everyone’s work.
An example can be that of a process designed for the initial phase of a new staff.
When the resource is allocated by our sales managers, a precise procedure is performed which facilitates the administration’s work for the subsequent process of taking on billing and all the other necessary phases “.

What tools do you use?

Pasquale: “Among the systems used there is GPG an ad hoc management system through which we manage to have parameters on which make forecasts and which is constantly adapted to the needs that arise, managing to obtain more and more detailed analyzes from time to time.
Together with Salesforce, one of the most functional CRM for the management of the commercial area, are the tools that allow us to plan strategies and make decisions

Has the way of working changed in this historical period?

Pasquale: “The activities are the same, except for trips that for obvious reasons are completely stopped. I use this time to develop new solutions and make the company more functional”.