Marco Forte: my mission is to transmit a strong passion to young people

The We are Fides section starts: in the first interview we met Marco Forte, Project Manager in Fides.

How did your experience in the company begin?

I still went to high school when during the summer I came to Fides to do the so-called apprenticeship. I learned from my superiors making myself available to any activity that could be formative for me.

By doing so even before graduating I started my professional career in what was initially a curiosity which soon became my biggest passion.

For me Fides is a second family; my professional figure has grown here and as the CEO Umberto Cacciopoli considers me a son so I count him as a father. He welcomed me very young by believing in me from the first day giving me the opportunity to grow and I am grateful to him.

In more than 10 years I have learned so much and countless were the rewards from labor and human point of view shared by my colleagues.

What features are needed to perform this job?

To listen. It may seem trivial but knowing how to listen is at the basis of a path of professional growth.

Making yourself available and proactive is another fundamental point: understanding what the needs of those who work alongside you or in other teams are, understanding what the critical issues are to offer by offering your support helps you integrate and make your colleagues understand who to count.

It often happens in case of need to take the field especially in the relationship with customers. Customer management is among the most complex activities to learn, but I try to help the junior personnel from “behind the scenes” to make it do their own experiences without bypassing them.

A practical tip for those who are approaching the IT world?

There are no shortcuts or manuals to follow literally. It is a job that holds many surprises, everyday you meet challenges to face.

Every project I’ve worked on has its own complexities, but this shouldn’t scare juniors, quite the opposite. Understanding the functional domain of a new context helps to integrate and grow quickly.

What I would recommend is simple: follow those who have been doing this for years as a shadow. Being a sponge and absorbing the experience of giants. I learned this way and still continue to do it because you never stop learning, get involved.

In this sector nobody is there every day to tell you what to do. Underlying all you have to have a passion for what you do; there is a need for sacrifice and constant commitment but today I can say that I would make the same choices forever.

My mission is to convey the same passion to anyone who joins this company.

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