Personnel Management in Fides and curiosities during the Covid-19 emergency


Nothing we do is more important than hiring people. At the end of the dayyou bet on peoplenot strategies.” (Lawrence Bxidy, former CEO of General Electrics)

Human resource management is the set of procedures and systems applied within a company to organize staff performance and reap the greatest benefits.

Managing human capital effectively and efficiently is not only supportive but also of fundamental importance in terms of investment for the achievement of corporate goals and objectives.
The two-way relationships between administration and staff create the true network of stability on which the organization and strength of a company is based, which as such must ensure continuity over time.

What are the main activities it covers personnel management?

Setting up an efficient organizational structure in the company is essential, staff management is not one of the company’s activities, but it is the main activity.

Human beings are not a means to an end, but an end in themselves”! (Immanuel Kant, philosopher)

Personnel managers have an agenda full of commitments that must be managed well to avoid oversights or shortcomings.
Lorena and Giuseppe form a real Fides team that travels according to precise and high-value principles. Their collaboration and their technical skills have made it possible to bring value, not only in their business, but throughout the company. By ensuring precise and careful management, they allowed the formation of a working group aimed at continuous improvement.

What are the values that cannot be overlooked?

Giuseppe: “Humanity. The human relationship is the basis of everything, our role is to communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings. Sometimes mistakes or misunderstandings can arise with other employees and must always be diplomatic and keep calm. This is a fundamental aspect of our work.”

Lorena: “In addition to fully agree with Giuseppe, I would like to add that the first example of humanity in our reality is from Umberto, Founder and CEO of Fides, who has always oriented the company to the family and focused its mission on humanity placing the human being in the foreground with his own attitude. When we talk to colleagues we never go to a higher level, but with coherence and transparency we interact with each member of the company with empathy. “

What are the things to avoid?

Giuseppe: “Avoid being unprepared. Always be available, ready and efficient to meet the demands of all staff, always leaving the emotional sphere out. Never panic over the requests we receive. Ours is a very delicate job, but we have always tried to set an example in terms of behavior and to clarify the situations that have arisen “.

How has your job changed in this period?

Lorena: “We constantly align with the whole administration to stay updated on everything as if we were in the office. With colleagues from other departments, we noticed that we must be even more human than before. In this period in which physical contact is lacking, it is increasingly necessary to “put yourself in the shoes of others” and being able to communicate empathically has an even stronger value. In addition, Fides is a dynamic company in constant change also with regards to staff renewal and even in this difficult period we have not stopped continuing to work according to the values and mission of our company “.

“In this period of Smart Working we detected a significant fact – adds Giuseppe – thanks to the work from home all the staff are working safely and as a result there is a reduction of required sick days which have fallen by 73%. From the point of view of efficiency and effectiveness, our staff has improved. In addition to the diseases, there are also marked reductions in the holidays and hours of leave required, which contribute to the increase in company productivity.
These data emerged allow us to reflect on the effectiveness of Smart Working: each resource, having no time constraints, can organize his day without sacrificing work, managing to be active and concentrated and to achieve the set objectives.
However, it is important to underline that the comforting data of the improvement of the general performance of the resources is a little “clouded” by the changing market, however, it remains a very significant food for thought