From the Innovation Lab Paolo Di Capua: “RETAKE does not want to revolutionize the world of e-commerce, but only to make it more human-centric”

Our company’s Innovation Manager speaks

About a year ago the development of our first product dedicated to the world of retail began, customized for the Expert Somma Group and released a few days ago.
Its realization saw the Fides Innovation Lab work with strong enthusiasm and intense rhythms.
With great pride Paolo tells us about an important starting point for Fides: “Retake is the first project of the Innovation Lab that takes hold in such an important reality”.

Retake wants to revolutionize the world of e-commerce, where does the idea come from and how does it work?

<<RETAKE does not want to revolutionize the world of e-commerce, but only to make it more human-centric.
Fides puts the serenity of its collaborators at the center of its life and, this first product, follows this idea.
More than a year ago, we talked with Antonio (our CTO) about how to deal with the world of retail, trying to change the style of purchase by users.
Obviously, the thought immediately went to giants such as Amazon or Alibaba.
These realities have changed the perception of the purchase by each of us, with systems that push compulsiveness and that increase customer satisfaction exponentially.
We deeply studied their style, ideas and followed their examples, while remaining firmly on the ground.
The next step was to undertake the development of a product based primarily on the concepts of user profiling and artificial intelligence.
Almost simultaneously, the Expert Somma Group (one of the largest members of the Swiss Expert chain) contacted us to ask us for the remake of their web portal… et voilà! We proposed RETAKE that was immediately liked, so as to push product development towards a project designed for a huge customer reality.
This has consistently changed our plans, leading us to simultaneously develop important software design decisions.
Today the product moves on an ultra-modern technological stack, planting its feet on terrains such as machine learning and geolocation, capable of making the user experience very pleasant>>.

What are the main modules and the benefits that this solution can bring?

<<RETAKE is built on several modules which can be divided into mandatory and secondary.

The former see, for sure, the app for smartphone and tablet devices, around which the entire project revolves.
In addition, all the back end architecture constitutes a fundamental module without which you could not receive the essential information that the user uses through the mobile app.
Finally, the content management system is the module that allows our customer to control, with a very high degree of automation, the data that their customers view within the mobile app and, above all, to use an analytics platform to better operate in marketing.

Among the latter, we list the sister web application of the mobile app and an in-store touch system capable of making the user experience at the store very interesting.

Obviously, artificial intelligence season everything and ensure the perfect harmonization of content on the preferences and needs of each individual end customer>>.

How do we differentiate ourselves from competitors? Why should a user choose us?

<<In fact, we do not aim to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, on the contrary, as I said earlier, we look constructively at the different platforms, drawing lessons from people who, perhaps, have been working on them for many years and taking advantage of their right choices and their intuitions, but always trying to further improve them and make them “ours” guaranteeing the concept of human-centric.
We are not interested in compulsive purchasing, but we are interested in making a better service so as to increase customer satisfaction and, consequently, an increase in the visibility of our customer>>.

RETAKE connects sellers and customers, what are the news?

<<The bond between seller and customer is more or less the one between two boyfriends, characterized by ups and downs.
We try to make the positive moments more perceived, thanks to the possibility of dressing the experience on the user so that he always feels at the center of attention.
The Expert Somma Group today is able to get in touch easily with the individual customer through various channels.
Communication is now bidirectional and this feature is viewed in a completely positive way from both sides>>.

How is marketing, sales and customer support managed?

<<The Expert Somma Group today has the opportunity to better manage its marketing campaigns through the use of the analytics system, capable of defining in detail the behavior of its customers by reading the data and concentrating it in customizable “sections”.
Like the major players in online retail, the product is concerned with making the purchase phase simple for the normal customer.
It can be performed in a classic way through a debit-credit card payment system or thanks to the Pick & Pay concept of the Expert Somma Group, which allows product booking and collection in the store.
Customers are currently assisted through the classic channels of our customer, even if we are working in these days on a new module dedicated to after-sales that allows to centralize requests and to process them quickly and easily>>.

Try now the shopping experience that gives you RETAKE. Download now the app of the Expert Somma Group, designed to make your online and in-store purchases easy.
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