What is the e-commerce trend in Italy?

We have witnessed in recent years the rapid success of companies that have put technological innovation at the center of their business. At the same time some realities that have failed to evolve have seen falling rapidly certainties gained in years of great success.
The COVID-19 emergency has distorted the commercial dynamics and user behavior also in relation to the supply of basic necessities. 
Having an online presence has become a necessity to deal with the economic crisis resulting from the pandemic, in fact it is necessary to respond to the new market needs that are now rooted in consumer habits.
In this context, e-commerce systems represent an effective response to develop both short and long-term business.

Now is the right time to open an online store

Electronic commerce is at a turning point. Forecasts as every year estimated double-digit growth as for fifteen years in Italy. The Coronavirus effect is changing the cards on the table for many sectors that are experiencing exponential growth.
Not in all cases this increase has a positive reading key; in many contexts it may not be prepared and structured to meet a demand so high.
This obviously generates a negative boomerang effect for the company.
Operators who know how to correctly interpret and deal with this moment will be able to gather new customers to retain loyalty over time.
This will also be the year in which many merchants will open the online channel initially to be able to dispose of inventories, but later to compete in a new demand space that is being created: online sales from physical stores.

The Fides product to start selling online

In the last half year, Fides has invested heavily by launching a suite of products for the Retail market.
The experience gained in the sector in recent years has allowed us to be able to take this path by creating solutions for companies that so far have only managed offline stores as well as obviously those who are already structured for e-commerce.
Our offer is totally modular in order to be tailor made regardless of the context or the purchase flow.
The omnichannel infrastructure allows to be able to intercept different clusters of users, above all thanks to the innovative features included in the mobile applications that we create.
The intuitive management allows you to have a very short phase for configuration, drastically reducing the time to market.
The entire offer is designed to make the work of entire companies efficient, from the marketing area to sales or logistics managers thanks to a high-performance section dedicated to analytics, also useful for the management of offline stores.
In fact, our goal is to combine the online experience with that of the traditional shop in just three steps:
-Customer interaction based on the use of artificial intelligence that studies purchasing behavior.
-Promotion of products based on customers.
-Continuous communication with the customer or potential customer, even after sales.
Contact us to discover our offer and to start your online experience.
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