Umberto Cacciopoli, CEO Fides, PRESENTS RETAKE the Best Practices Award for Innovation, an initiative aimed at spreading the culture of innovation through the presentation of projects and success stories.

BeeLife will be born in a few months, an idea that comes straight from the Digital team, almost instinctively. Who but the bees are the protagonists of the regeneration of our planet?
Through entertainment games and challenges we have tried to convey to the public the importance and commitment of these little creatures who, like us, with every single action can help to make the system work.

The concept is modeled around two pillars: augmented reality and persistent multiplayer.
But what do they mean? Multiplayer says the same word, the players face the challenges of Beelife, without ever meeting, not being real-time multiplayer. On the other hand, persistent because every time a user participates in the experience it will create part of an ecosystem (in our case the hive) visible and perceptible by all other users.

– Each user will drag their hexagonal cell into the hive, which will fit perfectly between the other cells created by other users thus forming a perfect mix between interactivity and team work – Paolo Di Capua, Innovation Architect in Fides.

BeeLife is made up of five different workstations that differ in activity.
The basic entertainment is certainly augmented reality that indicates the player the various steps to reach the realization of the hive. One of the most dynamic phases is definitely the gaming sector, a sort of arcade puzzle in which the bee lying on the cubic floating system will overcome traps or enemies characters.

But let’s get to the juicy notes, for modeling we worked on systems such as Cinema 4D and Silo 3D while the software was made entirely with Unity technology and the recognition of the so-called markers. The software recognizes precisely the marker that reproduces an augmented reality, each time it shapes different three-dimensional elements with a different interaction between them.

Let’s take the example of hexagonal cells. By framing the marker, the user generates a cell that is transported from one location to another without the need to frame the marker anymore. The cell arrived at the next location is launched into the hive which, through an algorithm, will never position itself in the same area but alongside or in the middle of other modules. The created cells persist at that location for the duration of the exhibition so that the public could see the hive built by all other users. It was also possible to develop something that real-time could give the idea of what the others were doing at that very moment: that while a user places his hexagon hive and the other user instead framing the hexagon sees the first user’s hex move on his smartphone.

The final scenario we are presented with is a surreal ecosystem, made up of cells that turn into flowers with very bright shades: you immediately feel the vehemence of nature that cannot be destroyed or managed.

Third appointment with the We are Fides section: Elvira Uliano, Sales Manager in Fides speaks to us.

We are Fides: Flash interview to our Sales Manager Elvira Uliano.

What made you choose this profession?

First of all, customer satisfaction at work delivered and then the possibility of being able to collaborate with a very large number of people.

The passion for technology and the daily challenges of this sector are the characteristics that led me to pursue this career.

The variety of tasks assigned inspires me to do this job with passion.

What can not be missing from an account manager as a character gift?

A good account echoes the client’s needs and manages patiently critical with the resources that can arise in the company.

What is the biggest challenge of your job?

You must always be ready, available and with a very high attention threshold. The timing plays a crucial role to fight competition.

The account for the customer is a reference point for any problem or need the customer picks up the phone and asks for quick fixes, if not immediate.

You have to handle last-minute requests in a streamlined, knowing how to fit them into all the tasks in place at that time. You have to know how to draw and schedule everything possible in order to satisfy customers and accept the changes in the running understanding the priorities.

Being in direct contact with the client gives the opportunity to get feedback on its work and good ideas for the business strategies of the company I represent.

If you had to describe your work with 3 words which ones would you choose?

Unpredictability. Promptness. Versatility.

Personal motto

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Second appointment with the We are Fides section: Antonella Cangiano, Delivery Manager in Fides, tells her story.

Tell us how you became the queen bee of delivery

I joined Fides with the mission of transferring the know-how acquired around Italy in thirty years of career. Covering the role of delivery manager implies being a reference for juniors, since my arrival in the company I have worked on the team I had available, making it grow without distorting it, reasoning about objectives to be achieved in the medium and long term. I managed to impress them by adding together the expertise of all you can get important results as a group and not only with respect to individual projects.

How do you keep your team motivated?

From the first day I asked my team to be enterprising, to dare.

I promised the delivery people that they would grow quickly thanks to the support of my experience. This was also possible because I found people who have a passion for this job, an expectation for growth and a hunger for knowledge.

In reality, rather than a group of developers, we are a coach with his team competing in the championship: each of us in the instant in which there is a difficulty knows exactly what role we must take sides in.

What aspects of your character that turn into strengths?

I am a concrete and extremely rational person. I distinguish the personal sphere from the professional one very much. I often say to my team that initially we did not choose each other, but today I would choose them one by one.

Another aspect is the passion that I send: we must lead by example rolling up your sleeves before asking others for efforts.

Most of all, it helps me to do this job better is modesty, in the way my experience weighs exactly like that of others. 

In spite of all the words (and I’m worn out!) I am a person who lets the facts speak and this is what I expect the delivery to do. I want to manage and make grow it for a long time. 

Here in Fides, the delivery is identified with the “Make Avenue” clan. I think there could be no better term than Make to define the delivery that I carry on.

The We are Fides section starts: in the first interview we met Marco Forte, Project Manager in Fides.

How did your experience in the company begin?

I still went to high school when during the summer I came to Fides to do the so-called apprenticeship. I learned from my superiors making myself available to any activity that could be formative for me.

By doing so even before graduating I started my professional career in what was initially a curiosity which soon became my biggest passion.

For me Fides is a second family; my professional figure has grown here and as the CEO Umberto Cacciopoli considers me a son so I count him as a father. He welcomed me very young by believing in me from the first day giving me the opportunity to grow and I am grateful to him.

In more than 10 years I have learned so much and countless were the rewards from labor and human point of view shared by my colleagues.

What features are needed to perform this job?

To listen. It may seem trivial but knowing how to listen is at the basis of a path of professional growth.

Making yourself available and proactive is another fundamental point: understanding what the needs of those who work alongside you or in other teams are, understanding what the critical issues are to offer by offering your support helps you integrate and make your colleagues understand who to count.

It often happens in case of need to take the field especially in the relationship with customers. Customer management is among the most complex activities to learn, but I try to help the junior personnel from “behind the scenes” to make it do their own experiences without bypassing them.

A practical tip for those who are approaching the IT world?

There are no shortcuts or manuals to follow literally. It is a job that holds many surprises, everyday you meet challenges to face.

Every project I’ve worked on has its own complexities, but this shouldn’t scare juniors, quite the opposite. Understanding the functional domain of a new context helps to integrate and grow quickly.

What I would recommend is simple: follow those who have been doing this for years as a shadow. Being a sponge and absorbing the experience of giants. I learned this way and still continue to do it because you never stop learning, get involved.

In this sector nobody is there every day to tell you what to do. Underlying all you have to have a passion for what you do; there is a need for sacrifice and constant commitment but today I can say that I would make the same choices forever.

My mission is to convey the same passion to anyone who joins this company.

The Job In Campus format allows every year to actually meet companies, effectively shortening the distance between the world of work and the world of training.
Indeed, the day of 23 October from 9:00 to 17:00 will be entirely dedicated to the activities of direct meeting between students and company managers who will explain to the participants the opportunities for entry, the selection procedures and information on professional profiles.The stands are located in the foyer of the University Theater “F. Alison “and the Aula Magna” V. Buonocore “(Building A2 of the Fisciano’s Campus)

“We are trying to take care of two fundamental aspects of profit: how it is achieved and what you do with it. We want to achieve it in an honest and dignified way and what we do is to make everyone feel good: the goal is the common good, the good of the people around us and especially of the families “- so says Umberto, Chief Executive Officer of Fides.

Founded just over 10 years ago, Fides now has 250 collaborators divided over two locations (Naples and Milan). For Umberto call them collaborators would be simplistic because they are part of their family. This is how it happens when a manager founding the company decides to put his life into it: managerial, personal and family aspects coincide and can never be distinguished.

It’s hard to describe us, we can say that we are a smart, creative, experimental, professional and many other fantastic adjectives but the reality is that we prefer to call ourselves human-centered. Yes, human-centric.

No coincidence that our motto is We are a human-centric Digital Company.

Before being collaborators, before a close team we are a family with one goal: to become a reference company in information technology ensuring experience, reliability and expertise. 

In our work we always keep our humanity and seriousness having fun in testing and competing with new technologies. Over the years an innovative business culture has been consolidated focused on the value of its staff capable, thanks to daily research and verification of new methodologies, to face the challenges of the market such as digital transformation.

Above all customers require us for our professionalism in the creation of custom technological infrastructures suitable for every need, in the realization of simple and intuitive in-house projects, fast and targeted consultancy.

Fides brings together multiple avenues: Think, Find, Make and Keep. This division allows us to create a sense of belonging to something more specific, more tangible.

Think avenue: the most experimental and innovative department of the company thanks to which Fides shows its creativity and passion for innovation technologies, creating new project ideas for the Digital Transformation world.

Find avenue: this avenue count the bests IT professionals in its ranks. Thanks to years of experience in the research of qualified technical profiles, in order to satisfy every type of customer.

Make avenue: this is the driving force of Fides, millions of lines of code written with passion, will and lot of fun has become the soul-projects for clients like Accenture, Engineering an Reply.

Keep avenue: the center that collects all the requests of this ecosystem called Fides. Basically lost without it.

We are Fides!