Our method

Human-Centric Model

People are a company's greatest asset, at Fides even more!

Through the Human-Centric Model, Fides analyzes the market, finds the best professionals, acquires them through the Recruiting Lab, trains them, provides them, and manages them. The Human-Centric Model is also a journey, not only a way to operate. In fact, it helps us in the hard task to constantly stimulate our people, providing them with custom career paths, both at Fides, and at our clients.

Market monitoring

We constantly analyze the market looking for talented professionals specializing in different parts of the digital transformation process, focusing particularly on emerging technologies.

Selective Hiring and Recruiting

We evaluate and select based on both soft and hard skills, and growth potential. After the selection process we hire and make sure the new joiner feels happy and safe, even when involved in a client's project.

Empowerment & Upskilling

People are our most important asset. We try to help everyone achieve their full potential through custom career paths and training provided both by us and our partners. It is crucial for us to invest in both hard and soft skills.


Every person has a Team Leader that allows constant communication with the rest of the company. People is involved in a project, our platforms monitors the skills improvement in real time.

Salvatore S.

Software Application Developer

"Before developing a vision, a strategy, or a tactic, you need to create a group composed of the right people. In order to aim at the top, you need to be determined to do what needs to be done."

Natalina A.

Project Manager

"Fides is very meritocratic company that gave me the opportunity to grow under every aspect, I have learned from everyone I have met at the company and I now hope I can transfer my skills, my curiosity, and the best of me to new team members. I love challenges and I always look for new opportunities, and one of the best things of working at Fides is the opportunity to always go further."

Nicholas G.

Business Development Manager

"The chance to apply my growth mindset and pass it to other people, while learning from those who lived the company for a longer time, is the thing I appreciate the most of my experience at Fides. The commitment to excellence can be seen every single day."

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