Our method

Operational Consultancy

A single flow that includes: problem comprehension, project design, realization, tests, and maintance through time for top-level performance.

It is the meaning of Operational Consultancy: to design and create, together. The Fides approach optimizes solutions, times, and resources necessary to reach the goal. It is dynamic in its process, because it integrates skills when and where necessary, while keeping the operating team agile and highly efficient.

Partnership Process

Needs analysis

Behind a technical need there is always a company’s goal. During the listening and analysis phase we focus on these aspects before approaching a solution. Our approach is Technology to Business: we study a company’s systems, platforms, and processes and we leverage technology to make our client more digital, performing, and competitive.

Design of custom solutions

We define goals, technologies, and timeline. We then proceed to build the team, at Fides the Team Lead who manages the team’s operations is also an analyst for the same project. This management system improves the roadmap’s efficiency.

Implementation through our proprietary method

We operate through the agile methodology, with weekly reports and real time monitoring, in order to always have a clear view of a project’s progress. Our delivery is always ready to support our clients with new skills or specific fast training programs to upscale and upskill our team.

Constant perfomance monitoring

We only release after a meticulous testing phase, which grants reliability and safety to all of our solutions. We keep track of our solutions performances over time through periodic checks. We project and implement system scale ups based on technology’s progress and requests of new features.

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